With customers in the United States and abroad, Worldwide Transportation Services provides professional documentation services for the export of bulk grain products via ocean vessels overseas. Because many WTS customers are outside the Gulf Region, the talented WTS team acts as the client’s agent by obtaining all necessary paperwork and up through the final completion of all required shipping forms. The process begins once a vessel is nominated and ends with the filing of documents to either a bank or overseas party and payment to client. The full range of its services may include all of the following:

1. Act as cargo agent on behalf of the client. This involves repeated daily communication with the client regarding the status of the vessel and timely cargo reports. Clients are informed of all activity relating to the loading and eventual departure of
the vessel.

2. Accept the Notice of Readiness (NOR) on behalf of client. The NOR confirms to all parties who sign
it that a vessel has been inspected and cleared through the U.S.D.A. and National Cargo Bureau
and is now ready for loading.

3. Monitor vessel-loading operations. WTS works with elevator personnel and ship agents to assure that grain is loaded properly on the vessel as per client’s instructions. WTS obtains timely updates
that are passed along daily to clients.


4. Maintain daily log of activities. WTS is given updates and reports from elevators loading grain, fumigators, ship agents and independent laboratories performing analysis once loading is complete. WTS then documents and immediately relays this information back to the client.

5. Obtain a copy of shipping papers and forward to buyer. All completed paperwork is sent to the buyer who purchases the grain from the WTS client once WTS is given client approval to forward documents.

6. Review and sign the Statement of Facts (SOF). WTS is given a SOF detailing information on loading of shipment. This statement itemizes all vessel activity on a minute-to-minute basis, up to the time of the vessel’s departure. WTS reviews the SOF for accuracy, signs it on behalf of the shipper and forwards it to the shipper.

7. File Electronic Export Information (EEI) through the Automated Export System (AES) for U.S. Customs purposes. This must be completed prior to departure for Option 2 Filers and within 10 days of departure for Option 4 Filers. There are a few exceptions, mainly for sanctioned countries, as to when EEI must be filed with AES. Any delays in filing may create major problems with the vessel’s clearance through U.S. Customs. Therefore, WTS ensures the EEI filings are completed on a timely basis.



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